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Current employment relies on a simple set of rules and algorithms to determine what jobs best fit the user based on the skills they’ve claimed to have and previous jobs they’ve been in. The system works based on only a limited set of factual information. The interview is what we truly rely on to judge someone honestly and determine if they are a correct fit for the business.


As humanity continues to push forward, digitalising everything we can, no doubt the future of employment will start looking somewhat scary. Employers will want to learn more about you, the things that truly make you who you are and the skills that you have. Interviews will remain, but the biggest determining factor in your application will be your personal information. Social media is already a huge part of your application for a job, with most people’s dirty laundry out there for everyone to see, social media is any sceptical employers best friend. With more and more information about us and who we are being collected each day, it will eventually start crossing over with our applications. Maybe not even just for jobs, but for mortgages, loans and more.

This may seem worrying, but it’s nothing far from what is happening already, Google knows where you are and how fast you’re travelling for its maps traffic data, Facebook knows who you spend time with, Apple knows where you spend your money and how much time you spend on your phone, Google knows your search history and the websites you visit, Amazon knows what music you like. All of this information revolves around you and your life. It’s all factual and employers would want to see it.

A system like this will help people who genuinely deserve and have the skills for a set role be successful in their application. It would help employers save money on interviewing candidates that don’t fit the requirements.

Chinas Social Credit Score

China has what’s called a social credit system, the aim of this system is to rank individuals based on their behaviour. This system is actively blocking people from getting certain jobs, catching trains and staying in some hotels. A system like this is not what we envision for the future. A world with open information is scary, we hope the future of employment is based on information the applicant is happy to disclose, we just want a system in-which this information is verified as true for the employer. The social credit system in China is public. Anyone can check your social credit score and therefore judge you based on nothing more than a number.


Overall the future of employment is bright, with more applicants getting the correct jobs for them and saving money in the process. Maybe one day CV’s will be irrelevant and you will apply for a job with a simple set of information about yourself that you’re happy to disclose.