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It’s that time again

It is time for you to hire an new employee or two.
You advertise across job sites, share on social media and even speak to your friends and family or maybe even pay for the services of a recruiter.

You put a lot of time and effort into attracting candidates, but how many apply?
After vetting CVs, Applications and emails, how many have the skills of experience you need?

You spend time arranging and interviewing the best ‘almost’ matches. You make a final offer, only to be turned down!
Frustrated and with even less time, you start the hiring process again. Just when you thought you were almost done.
Does this sound familiar?

At Rightgig, we believe recruitment should be simple.

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Good recruitment is vital for every organisation. Which is why your feedback is super important to us.
We would love for you to help us build the future of recruitment.
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