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Intelligent recruitment

Recruitment is messy, disorganised, confusing and inaccurate. That’s all about to change.

Looking to hire?Looking for work?

We make it easy.

Finding your next role should be as easy as ordering a pizza (and just as tasty).

Current job searching is hours spent on messy websites with over-detailed job descriptions and no real candidate to role matching.

Rightgig is reducing recruitment to what really matters. Your skills and passion. With absolutely no distractions.

If you’re brilliant, we should be too.

Rightgig uses artificial intelligence to analyse and best match you to the roles you actually want to do. By using intelligence to match your skills to vacancies we can even help you make a career change.

Personality, in mind

Understanding personalities within the team is critical to the success of a company. Our unique ‘Personality Builder’ matches you to companies you know you will love, before you even walk through the door. Culture is Key!

No more bias.

Removing the possibility of any labels and stereotypes allows employers to focus on what really matters. Bias in hiring is a problem so we use technology and brilliant design to remove the challenge. You’re exclusive Rightgig profile is anonymised until an interview is arranged.


The Potential Future of Employment

  Current Current employment relies on a simple set of rules and algorithms to determine what jobs best fit the user based on the skills they've claimed to have and previous jobs they've been in. The system works based on only a limited set of factual information. The...

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